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The NANO - SECOND: Exciting News from the Cloudflare 2023 EMEA Partner Kickoff

Cloudflare is a giant.

25% of all internet assets run through Cloudflare.

After attending Cloudflare 2023 EMEA Partner Kickoff today, we can say out loud- they are just getting started.

Cloudflare and all it represents are valuable to us. Nanosek is proud to be a partner and the only Cloudflare MSP in Israel, and to represent Cloudflare with professionalism and dedication.

Now we know that we share appreciation.

Nanosek won 2 of the highest award categories.

Our one and only restless pioneer, Lee Kazaz, won the Solution Engineer of the year award.

As Ozgur Savas, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering, Head of EMEA, explained, while presenting the award: "the award is to honor the individual channel engineer who, during the whole of FY22, demonstrated incredible depth of knowledge & expertise in Cloudflare solutions and went above & beyond in delivering ‘a wildly successful’ Cloudflare experience for our joint customers."

When he announced Lee as the winner, he said why: "Throughout the year, Lee consistently demonstrated all of the great Cloudflare values that we are looking for from our channel engineers. If you know Lee, you can tell he has an extremely curious soul. He dives extremely deeply into the Cloudflare product suite and literally transforms himself to a guru. He listens carefully to the customer wants and needs building highly appropriate solutions. Everything he learns is meticulously documented and he does not hesitate to disseminate his knowledge. Lee builds repeatable Cloudflare best practices within Nanosek so the Cloudflare team can rely on them when we need partner's services. He has been a crucial part of the Nanosek-Cloudflare partnership."

Kodus Lee, well deserved. We are so happy you are part of our team.

The 2nd award is for MVP of the year and was presented by Anwar Karzazi, Head of EMEA Channel Sales and Partnership, and it is given to: "honor the top partner achiever who not only provided stellar service to our joint customers, but also built new business value by tapping into the power of network, relationships and ecosystems."

Then explained that they decided to grant the win to Nanosek as: "Nanosek demonstrated an unwavering dedication, and commitment to growing their business with Cloudflare in 2022. Using personal networks to initiate Cloudflare conversations with their existing customers, exploring new marketing channels, with innovative thinking, to open doors with net new prospects. Fastidiously following through leads to create opportunities and ultimately closing significant business. They have relentlessly pursued and achieved all relevant certifications and they emerged from 2022 as the top performing cloudflare partner in our CEERI region".

Ran, our beloved CEO, said after accepting the award, "we are privileged to work side by side with the most talented colleagues and partners and promote such advanced technology".

We must agree!!

We salute NanoseK's elite team, and to Cloudflare's amazing and supportive team.

Cloudflare is a giant, and they are just getting started!

And so are we!!!

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