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Making your business OUR business

Nanosek was established in 2006 to combine the expertise of industry doyens in networking and security. We quickly evolved into providing the complete suite of services for every client’s challenges, goals, and production environment requirements.

Enter Nanosek

Coinciding with PurePeak’s launch, we founded Nanosek to focus on bringing clients cutting-edge cloud services. With our top-level engineers, we apply empirical knowledge,  unique processes, and proprietary software to deploy cloud infrastructures at scale, migrate customers to the cloud, deliver on-point private and public cloud services, customizable cloud security solutions, and meet the increasing challenges of today’s cloud security.


Our work ethic

Our philosophy is to ensure that whether our client is a start-up or large enterprise, everyone deserves the opportunity to have access to technology to succeed in the long term. We deliver world-class support and end-to-end security by applying our perfectionist standards while never forgetting the human touch. We are with you hand-in-hand throughout building your automated cloud-based infrastructure from the ground up.

Our Partners

Cloudeflare Partner Network
Google Cloud Partner
Microsoft Azure
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