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Magic Transit: Protect all Network Traffic with Cloudflare

This article was originally posted on Cloudflare's blog. We're proud to work alongside Cloudflare as their official MSP in Israel.

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Protect all network traffic on Cloudflare

Magic Transit protects customers' entire networks—any port/protocol—from DDoS attacks and provides built-in performance and reliability. Today, we’re excited to extend the capabilities of Magic Transit to customers with any size network, from home networks to offices to large cloud properties, by offering Cloudflare-maintained and Magic Transit-protected IP space as a service.

What is Magic Transit?

Magic Transit extends the power of Cloudflare’s global network to customers, absorbing all traffic destined for your network at the location closest to its source. Once traffic lands at the closest Cloudflare location, it flows through a stack of security protections including industry-leading DDoS mitigation and cloud firewall. Detailed Network Analytics, alerts, and reporting give you deep visibility into all your traffic and attack patterns. Clean traffic is forwarded to your network using Anycast GRE or IPsec tunnels or Cloudflare Network Interconnect. Magic Transit includes load balancing and automatic failover across tunnels to steer traffic across the healthiest path possible, from everywhere in the world.

Cloudflare diagram
Magic Transit architecture: Internet BGP advertisement attracts traffic to Cloudflare’s network, where attack mitigation and security policies are applied before clean traffic is forwarded back to customer networks with an Anycast GRE tunnel or Cloudflare Network Interconnect.

The “Magic” is in our Anycast architecture: every server across our network runs every Cloudflare service, so traffic can be processed wherever it lands. This means the entire capacity of our network—121+Tbps as of this post—is available to block even the largest attacks. It also drives huge benefits for performance versus traditional “scrubbing center” solutions that route traffic to specialized locations for processing, and makes onboarding much easier for network engineers: one tunnel to Cloudflare automatically connects customer infrastructure to our entire network in over 250 cities worldwide.

What’s new?

Historically, Magic Transit has required customers to bring their own IP addresses—a minimum of a /24—in order to use this service. This is because a /24 is the minimum prefix length that can be advertised via BGP on the public Internet, which is how we attract traffic for customer networks.

But not all customers have this much IP space; we've talked to many of you who want IP layer protection for a smaller network than we're able to advertise to the Internet on your behalf. Today, we’re extending the availability of Magic Transit to customers with smaller networks by offering Magic Transit-protected, Cloudflare-managed IP space. Starting now, you can direct your network traffic to dedicated static IPs and receive all the benefits of Magic Transit including industry leading DDoS protection, visibility, performance, and resiliency.

Let’s talk through some new ways you can leverage Magic Transit to protect and accelerate any network.

Consistent cross-cloud security

Organizations adopting a hybrid or poly-cloud strategy have struggled to maintain consistent security controls across different environments. Where they used to manage a single firewall appliance in a datacenter, security teams now have a myriad of controls across different providers—physical, virtual, and cloud-based—all with different capabilities and control mechanisms.

Cloudflare is the single control plane across your hybrid cloud deployment, allowing you to manage security policies from one place, get uniform protection across your entire environment, and get deep visibility into your traffic and attack patterns.

Protecting branches of any size

As DDoS attack frequency and variety continues to grow, attackers are getting more creative with angles to target organizations. Over the past few years, we have seen a consistent rise in attacks targeted at corporate infrastructure including internal applications. As the percentage of a corporate network dependent on the Internet continues to grow, organizations need consistent protection across their entire network.

Now, you can get any network location covered—branch offices, stores, remote sites, event venues, and more—with Magic Transit-protected IP space. Organizations can also replace legacy hardware firewalls at those locations with our built-in cloud firewall, which filters bidirectional traffic and propagates changes globally within seconds.

Keeping streams alive without worrying about leaked IPs

Generally, DDoS attacks target a specific application or network in order to impact the availability of an Internet-facing resource. But you don’t have to be hosting anything in order to get attacked, as many gamers and streamers have unfortunately discovered. The public IP associated with a home network can easily be leaked, giving attackers the ability to directly target and take down a live stream.

As a streamer, you can now route traffic from your home network through a Magic Transit-protected IP. This means no more worrying about leaking your IP: attackers targeting you will have traffic blocked at the closest Cloudflare location to them, far away from your home network. And no need to worry about impact to your game: thanks to Cloudflare’s globally distributed and interconnected network, you can get protected without sacrificing performance.

See it in action on August 3rd

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With data centers spanning 280 cities and over 160 Tbps in global network edge capacity, Cloudflare's Magic Transit can detect and mitigate attacks close to their source of origin in less than 3 seconds — all while routing traffic faster than the public Internet. Discover how it delivers its connectivity, security, and performance while detecting and mitigating attacks close to their source of origin in less than 3 seconds, all while routing traffic faster than the public Internet.

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